DIY lip scrub: Four (simple) ingredients, one ridiculously easy recipe

Lip scrubs seem to be taking over our world. They are literally all over the place. 

However, these little pots of lip exfoliating scrubs have to be one of the most important AND most overrated beauty products of time.

Important because you really need to slough off all that dry, dead and patchy skin off your lips to keep them soft, smooth and pretty. Not to say anything about how terrible lipstick can look on chapped, flaky pouts.

But lip scrubs are also terribly overrated because paying something like $25 for a teeny tiny bottle of what’s essentially sugar crystals and an oil base is beyond my powers of understanding.

The happy solution? This DIY lip scrub recipe that takes about 2 minutes, costs less than $1 and does the job just as effectively as any store-bought version. Plus it smells and tastes heavenly. AND you have the luxury that comes from knowing that you are using the cleanest, most luscious ingredients on your lips.

Try it out?


DIY lip scrub recipe: Ingredients

1 tablespoon fine brown sugar
1 tablespoon honey
3 drops peppermint essential oil (optional)


DIY lip scrub recipe: How-to

1. Combine the ingredients in a small glass jar and give them a really good stir.

3. Finish off by using your favorite lip moisturizer.

4. This recipe makes enough product for 3 months of frequent use; store in the refrigerator.

PS: Always follow up the scrubbing with some lip balm if you don’t want to be left with dehydrated lips.

 What about you? Do you use a lip scrub? Will you be trying this one? Or do you have a secret DIY lip scrub recipe of your own? Do share.


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