My first journey..

Assalamualaikum everyone. Let me introduce myself, my name is Insyirah Rahman, 3rd daughter of CEO CleanBest Abdul Rahman Mohamed and CEO Aija Beauty Aija Mahat.

My Business Journey

I started my own company as early as 18 Years Old. My first company was Aija Beauty Legacy, based in Malaysia.

For some life changing reasons, I decided to move back to Singapore. Start a new company and move on.

And here i am, continuing my parents business into my new company, Aija Beauty Halawa. Becoming a CEO myself, there is so many things to learn, and everyday there is always new changes and I have to learn to adapt to new situations.

As we all know, life in Malaysia is a lot different then in Singapore. Different business rules, different environment.

But, the support that i got, it really makes me feel happy and content. Thank you so much everyone for your continuous support and love. Eventhough if you are my haters, you should know that i appreciate you as well.

My School Journey

This is also my most asked question, "What is my education level?"

I'm not offended by this question and neither should anybody. My education level is Secondary 5. I studied in Malaysia most of life, and (still) taking course from Malaysia.

Technology is a saviour. No matter where I am, i can still study. 

I didn't further my study to University or College, i took business course only as it is more 'hands on' 

Education Level really doesn't determine your success rate in this universe. You can have Master's Degree and still have a hard time finding jobs or you can have the lowest education level but have a success job.

What ever it is, I didn't say that education is not important. Education is important and you can learn anywhere not only in School.

Be happy with what you have, strive for success and make lots of prayers.

Insyaallah, Allah will always be there to guide you towards your on SUCCESS.

Last but not least 

Any questions that you are interested to ask, please feel free to drop a comment. I really love to answer your questions!

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