Anti-Cellulite Shower
Anti-Cellulite Shower

Anti-Cellulite Shower

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Anti-Cellulite Shower use a specialized Pearl Powder and potent antioxidants to intensively smooth and soften skin from the neck down. This silky smooth formula, energized by tother powerful yet natural ingredients, goes to work immediately to hydrate dry skin as well as give skin the essential ingredients it needs to look younger. Soothing emollients and plant oils provide an instant, healthy-looking glow you’ll love seeing and feeling.

Anti-Cellulite ShowerBenefits:

  • Contains Mineral Clay, Dead Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Pearl Powder & Vitamin E Oil
  • Treats dry sagging skin
  • Reduce stretch marks and cellulite
  • Promotes smooth glowing skin
  • Naturally reduce fat apparition
  • Immediately feel smooth and silky
  • Tighten skin
  • Brightens and whitens skin
  • Lighten scars and black spots

How To Use:

Shake well before use. Apply Anti-Cellulite Shower generously to wet body, massage into a lather throughly, then rinse body. Enjoy your smooth firm skin!

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Quantity & Size:

  • 500ml